From: K. Shaw

I am pleased to offer this reference for Ohlson & Whitelaw Builders. I employed them for my house renovation.
The work involved stripping the exterior cladding, demolition of part of the building. The house has been added on, with new decks, roof, lounge, windows, interior and exterior claddings and linings, bathrooms and kitchen alterations.
The work was very involved and a lot of thought had to be put in by the builders, as the designer had given limited detail.
Craig and his team proved to be very professional. Their workmanship is to a very high standard. They worked with me and my partner to make everything run smoothly and offered good constructive ideas along the way.
The comments we have had from many, many people is amazing. The house is now a total transformation and people don’t believe it is the same house.
I would not hesitate to use these guys again any time in the future. Any prospective client is welcome to view my house, their workmanship in my house, or feel free to contact me.