There are times when our clients ask us to complete non-building work. This is when we put on our consulting hats.

We’re happy to share our experience to help our clients solve any problems or queries. We also work with a hand picked team of specialists in architecture, engineering and interior design, as and when needed.

Consulting is really about helping our clients to get the most out of their property projects.

Here are some typical things that Ohlson & Whitelaw and our partners are asked to consider:

  • Designing your home around your lifestyle and personality
  • Choosing the right lot considering sunlight, soils and exposures
  • Understanding the construction process
  • Reviewing the construction timeline
  • Learn decision making processes
  • Selecting the elevation of your home
  • How to make the right choice in floor plans
  • Exterior products and how they impact the cost of your home
  • Roof colour
  • Joinery brand and colour
  • Front steps
  • Front door selection
  • Providing driveway info
  • Understanding allowances and how to stay on budget
  • Selecting cabinets
  • Vanities, flooring, countertops, plumbing
  • Selecting light fixtures and hardware
  • Choosing paint colours – interior and exterior
  • Choosing interior decor
  • Designing outdoor settings
  • Information on in-ground pools & hot tubs
  • Future-proofing.